Solutions for sports facilities

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Solutions for sports facilities

Such facilities as stadiums, parks, swimming pools or resort areas where a large number of people gather require increased control.

Often entrance groups in those places are located on an external territory or outside the building. In this case, we recommend the installation of stainless steel turnstiles with a possibility of an outdoor installation.

At stadiums we recommend the installation of full-height turnstiles. These turnstiles have large dimensions and cover an entire passage zone.

In order to create an easy passage during evacuation, such turnstiles are accompanied with full-height gates.

Outdoor tripods are installed in park areas.

Entrance to a parking lot or a separate area for official vehicles is limited by installing boom barriers and bollards.

It will be necessary to install doors during the construction of sports and entertainment facilities. The company Secure Russia offers to install fire-resistant doors to protect against the spread of fire and entrance interior doors.


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